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Oct 2015


Well I'm am settling to parent life style nicely and Little Liam seems to have several "horsey nannies" already!! poor fella is going to grow up surrounded by crazy horsey people so he may as well start now!!! I have been riding as much as possible weather and baby watchers permitting which has been lovely. I have the lovely Berlioz in work now and have even sat back on Marmite!!!! must have been feeling brave!!! just need now to start working him more consistantly, then bring Alfie in to work too and I'm away!! I fully intend to be out BS and maybe some BD too this winter with the boys and will be aiming Berlioz at a couple of early runs BE 2016 with the hope of a 1* by the end of the season! fingers crossed


I would just like to take this opportunity to thank EVERYONE that has helped and supported us this year it is greatly appreciated!! and a huge thank you to my wonderful husband James who has supported me returning to the saddle so soon (probably for his own sanity... a busy busy Kizzy is much easier to live with!!!)

July 2015

We have another pretty exciting arrival.....welcome to the team Berlioz Du Coin whom I hope to BS through the winter and start his eventing career next season.... Some of you may recognse Berlioz as he spent some time with me last year,I am really excited to get going with him shortly..... Watch this space!!!








well..... 2015 will be life changing....... James and i are expecting!!! yikes.


27th oct

Long but enjoyable day at area festival yesterday khanage was a good boy picking up a 10th in the novice open out of what seemed like a gazillion competitors! Very pleased with the little laddo...... James however having worked in beautifully very quickly cottoned on to the no whip rule at area festival and decided that having stood on the lorry a fair few hours awaiting his turn that he was simply bored of cantering round now!! Little git!! so we will bin that test nice to see everyone out and have a little catch up

5th Oct

Lovely end to 2014 eventing season really pleasing day with khan and jack, khan had a nice test still room for improvement sj but getting better and a super clear xc!!!! Jacks test was errrm ..... Bright!! Rolled 2 sj and a great round until a educational stop then jumped 2nd time so pleasing as rest of round he flew!! Huge well done to Sarah Howlett for winning her BE90RF section!!!!! Badders2015 here we come!!!!!

We Will be hitting the dressage and sj hard this winter.... thank you everyone involved for your support love you all! Roll on a busy winter and eventing 2015!!!!!!

27th sept

Awwww so pleased with khan today a settled test after electric warm up! (Warm up next to xc water fence !!! V exciting!!) 2 poles down but his jumping really improving with every outing just needs party mileage and a super dupa fab clear xc inside the time

Well early morning 2am alarm 4am departure but yet again so pleased with the boys today!!!! A great day at Keysoe horse trials.... No ribbons but very excited for the future of these lovely boys!!!! Jack did a nice test in a v tough marking arena 41 rolled a pole sj (flippin jockeys fault!) superb clear xc inside the time just missing placings with lots more to come from him

And Kha an ok test from him after v interesting snorty floaty warm up! 38, now we did have 4 down sj but this will quickly improve as he is still very green, nice thing was that he took me to the fences forward and positively!! xc was a unknown for us and he absolutely loved it jumping a lovely clear round he gave me a super feeling and I couldn't stop grinning like a twit!!! still am!!!!!! Really excited about him and what's to come! Thank you everyone that helped/supported/photographed etc etc great day at the office and so nice to see so many friends out too


So chuffed with the boys today Khan totally redeemed himself at Brook Farm BD (after his...... Errrm green day at Keysoe )with 66.90% and an impressive 73.06% for 2nd and 1st in the novices and the jimberoo was wonderful winning his second elementary with 65.69% and as if they weren't good enough we then nipped up the road xc sch with Berlioz who was awesome popping anything he was pointed at!!!!!! Khan dipped his toes in the water just to make sure before his first BE this weekend..... Exciting!!!! thanks all helpers and supporters x

April 12th

Great day at South of England nice test rolled 2 sj clear xc for a 10th place, James was super as usual..... Hubby was ok too

Great day at Goring Heath yesterday with James, James Smith and Pennie Wallace the sun was shining we had sociable times too!!!! Nice test even with a huge bird of prey hovering over X in our arena whilst trotting up centre line!! Quite scary!! And a super double clear! happy team Xx

Great weekend at great witchingham! Really early start sat with James who shall we say was cheeky in the dressage and keen/cocky sj but totally awesome xc!!!! It was our first run this season so now we can get cracking!!!!! Thanks super grooms/owners/supporters Pennie Wallace Tayla Trowbridge Angie-Marie Shickle and Dean Shickle and at home team Emily Morgan then back on Sunday as chief supporter/backside kicker to a lovely group!! Well done Angie, Tayla, Amy Woodhall Equine Sarah and also lovely to see and say hello to so many friends.... I love eventing




Well due to moving and loads of teaching the boys wont't be out at Isleham but lots of customers and friends are and GOOD LUCK to you all!!!! We are just entering our first BE of 2014 and we are hoping it will be a tad warmer than last years first trip!!! Great Witchingham here we come... very excited!!!!!

*For sale*.

Tyrrells Thor

rising 5

by Honeypot Sporran

Backed and hacking boldly great forward thinking "can do" attitude ready to produce in any discipline. to start jumping shortly, half brother proving very good over a jump!

Exciting prospect......

We had in the lovely Lyla (Speedy Cruise) to sell and she has been sold to a wonderful home!!!! Look out for Lyla and Alice this year eventing and U18 training..... Good Luck guys and have stack loads of fun xx

Well you could say a quiet winter for us...... however it would be wrong!!! altough very little competing through december for the team and I mostly due to a full on horse and house move!!!! not an easy task to say the least but we moved over christmas (our quietest time :-)) and all settled in for the new year..... Now based near Braintree service ressumes as normal and I am available for teaching/riding work again


Scotty was today mostly the "testosterone kid"!!!! Actually his first outing in about 2years having spent time learning to be a stallion.... ;-) Can safely say the wriggerlyest tests ever but he managed to contain his excitement so pleased to stay both on and in the arena... More party practice needed but pretty good boy!!

And just for a bit of light hearted entertainment!!!!

After Keyoe we were planning on giving James another novice run as a jolly to end the season however after xc schooling him at Stanford Rivers we decided that he feels great, hes going great and that we should prehaps finish the season happy and sound having well and truely achieved our goals for this year and to get cracking on this dressage malarky!! Maybe even convert to some BS too!!!


Well our camp aims came true with Angie not only competing in her first affiliated BE event but she also came 6th in great style!!! Well done Angie and Matty. Also campers Victoria and Anna successfully competed in the BE100, well done girls! My one bit of advice that in my experiance from the weekend would be NEVER walk an Intermediate course after walking a BE80!!!!! it makes your Intermediate look HUGE! Anyway James did a nice test and got a 39.6, jumped a super sj round unfortunately rolling a pole but still very pleased as the sj for some reason caused mayhem! and produced a good confident clear xc with some time penalties which left us in 13th very pleasing for our 3rd Intermediate



Everybody needs a hero and a super heros work is never done!!!! My hero happens on this occasion to be my James dressed as Spiderman doing the Nuts Challange with his brothers and friends in aid of the Essex and Herts Air Ambulance. A great entertaining day out especially if your spectating!!!


Well its that time of year again, with surviving pony club camp under my belt we move on to Kizzy Camp!! where some of my students partake in 4days of training/torture... we cover most things from simply hacking out to xc schooling or attending a British Dressage competition!! This years aim for most was competing at Keysoe Horse Trials. Great for confidence building and trying new things for the first time....I think we can safely say that a good time is had by all


2am start for Milton Keynes!! Apart from the over night campers quite literally the first one there!!! We took James (Pencos Accomplice) for a confidence building novice run before his next Intermediate. We produced another average test then jumped a super round showjumping with jockey getting a little bit excited to last fence so rolled that!!! so frustrating as James had jumped so beautifully then had a great clear XC..... I think ending just out of placings, a huge thank you to Sophie for last minute call up helper and super photographer!!!!


A xc schooling session at Littles farm for Angie and Tom proved the perfect first outing for Smarty a 13hh show pony I have just re-started and schooled on


We had a visit from Sue Tracey and Robin Gill, James, Khan and Matty all had their backs looked at and treated.... as you can see James just loves the attention

A busy couple of weeks including Pony Club Camp and a British Eventing improve your coaching course at Fenning Farm, Farriers, Vets- Jabs, Teeth and Microchipping, lots of teaching and starting the babies!


We took james to Aston-Le-Walls for his second Intermediate run which proved educational!! the dressage was a little unattentive and sj shall remain un-mentioned!!!! in fairness it caused lots of trouble and James has since had his back treated so we've marked this round as educational! However the XC which also proved testing James flew round jumping a great clear.... very proud of our singing stallion!!!

Photo courtesy of Lorraine Porter


Really happy to announce that the lovely NIxie is well and truely settled into her new home.

Good luck Annie and Nixie for the future.....


Very exciting evening meeting with our wonderful sponsors Chevaux International, we now have lots of clothing and equipment for the whole team!!! Please take a moment to look at the Chevaux International website, all of our Chevaux International kit will be available to purchase from the website


Another very early start(bonus being that the Dartford crossing is free this early.... every cloud....!!!) this time eventing with James (Penco's Accomplice) at the beautiful and very hot Eridge Horse Trials, thought we would give a good confidence run before his next Intermediate and with Eridge being so hilly a good fittening run too!!!! A 38 dressage again a bit disappointed as felt that we had showed more improvement than the mark gives credit for.... but there we go. rolled a pole sj with a super clear xc picking up a couple of time penalties. Pleased with the boy yet again he knows how to make me smile!

We even managed a quick stop on way home to catch my lovely Niece Robyn in her first ever dance showcase.... the only child in the show that had a horse turn up to support her!!!! Lucky girl I say ;-)


Another Penco baby is born!!!! this is the first foal by Scotty (Unique IV) out of Bella (Penco's Highland Springs) A BEAUTIFUL filly who is chestnut at mo but will go grey with those super cute grey goggles!!!!!!


A great day the office today!! Angie and I took Matty and DD to Fenning Farm BD Angie competed in her first long arena Prelim and DD and I competed in both novice classes..... THREE RED rossies!!!!


Khan (Penco's Silver Emblem) was invited to the BEF Equine Bridge a pilot scheme linked in with BEF Futurity Evaluations. Khan as always loves his parties out and behaved beautifully, he was a little tense in the dressage but soon settled and popped round the jumping sweetly if a little green he has stack loads to learn but a super attitude and very willing he is so exciting for the future!!!! He was again assessed by the vet, physio and farrier with positive feed back, very pleasing......


Big day for James(Penco's Accomplice) and I...... His very first Intermediate!!!!! We went to Little Downham Horse Trials, a blooming early start being number 2! James did quite a relaxed test with lots to like and lots to work on scoring 38.5 not too shabby for first intermediate then we were first to go show jumping where he jumped great just rolling the one pole (rider error!!) Then second out on course where James gave me a superb confident ride jumping beautifully round clear with a few time penalties... one very happy Kizzy and team i can assure you of that!! the time proved unachievable and the course caused its fair share of problems thoughout the day which left us collecting 9th place!!!!!!!


Another good day at British Dressage at Harolds Park Farm Khan was 4th in the prelim Izzy and Oscar were 2nd and DD and I made our debut after poor tracey broke her wrist and came 1st and 2nd in the novices....

16 + 18/5/2013

Rockingham Castle International Horse Trials

We took James(Penco's Accomplice) to his first CIC* this year where he did a average dressage.... this phase is a work in progress for James but there are some good tests to come from him i can feel it!! We had a day between our dressage and jumping so travelled back home then back on saturday to SJ and XC.... a new experience for James who felt extremely laid back whilst warming up for SJ!!!! So feeling a little nervous that he hadn't actualy woken up yet we SJ'd a good round but touched 2 poles... more than i hoped for but less than expected concidering warm up!!! We then headed off to XC which looked to be a lovely inviting course with some good bold jumping efforts including some parts of Olympic fences!!!! James absolutely flew round clear with a huge grin on both our faces very very pleased!


We took the Khan man jumping to Finchingfield Equestrian Centre again, every party is an experience for him at the moment so he's going to be a very busy boy!!! He's got a great attitude to new things and is a pleasure to work with.... exciting things to come from this young man!!!!


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Not our day today at Poplar Park horse trials but thats working with horses!!!! Although lots of positive stuff to take away, both Alfie and James had improved tests and showjumped well but both boys took a dislike to the first water! Alfie did his best twirllett diva routine but had been jumping his socks off up till then!!! James gave me a super ride and was straight and spot on he just checked where he was putting his feet which is frustrating but educational too!

Izzy and Oscar completed their first BE100U18 with a good test, 1 unlucky pole showjumping and a Super clear XC, with a few time penalties just missing out on the placings.... WELL DONE Izzy and Oscar!!!!

A HUGE THANK YOU to all of our helpers for the day, very enjoyable day had by all!!


Today we took Alfie, James and Oscar to 'Walk to Canter' for flatwork lessons with Jill Day.... amongst our spectators for today were donkeys, goats, llamas and a giant cockerel statue!!! All boys went really well and have lots of homework to work on!!


What a day!!!! Khan made his BD debut at The Jays a very successful one with a win but more importantly he was angellic all day!!!!! very excited to see what his future holds! Khan got the ball rolling for the day as both Angie and Tracey came 2nd in their classes... Both improving on their previous percentages, very proud of everyone today.....


Tracey and I became Supergroom/supporters today for our very own Angie, who took her homebred girlie Matty to her first ever dressage competition.... where she did a lovely little test for 5th with and much to Angies surprise Angie also remembered the test!!!!!

New Arrival....

Cork Bay (Oscar) will be out eventing with us this season, ridden by both myself and his owner Izzy McKeever. Oscar will be hoping to progress to novice this season and will be competing in some U18 classes with his owner.....


Well a welcomed extra trip to Great Witchingham to run Penco's Accomplice in his first novice this season.....

We had a super day with civilised start times, beautiful sunshine and a very leisurely one horse competing!!! James did a good test, rider rolled a pole sj allowing him to run on a little.... and a fantastic clear xc put us in 10th place, very pleasing two runs two flowers!!


A bitterly cold day at Great Witchingham horse trials... We managed to leave early enough to miss the snow(3:30AM!!!!!) travelling up and arrived to find NO SNOW and super going... BONUS!!!


We did dressage with a wind chill that felt like -20, showjumped in very light snow and xc james in light snow, Marmite in fairly heavy snow and poor Alfie in a blizzard!!! I'm pleased with all the boys as they did nice tests (Except Marmite who was pretty naughty warming up then pulled off an ok ish test) James (his first outing this season)and Marmite jumped lovely double clears and alfie rolled a poll sj but super clear xc...... James 8th, Alfie 9th and Marmite just missed out on placings.


Thank you to my team for the day, Pennie bravely volunteered for leg washing..... Mad woman and James who I'm sure has gone to check the small print on our marriage cert as pretty sure he didnt sign up for this as a fun day out with the missus!!!!!!




Tipping it down with rain and we decide that a trip to Finchingfield EC would be a great idea!!! Not surprisingly it looked like we were the only ones to brave the rain with the greeting on arrival of.... "YOU MUST BE MAD!!!!" However Khan behaved beautifully and popped round his first course of fences really sweetly. Sam and Cid jumped a great round too


A glorious day with no snow and no rain... unbelievable!!!! the first horse trial of 2013!!!! We had a fairly early start and both Alfie and Marmite managed to contain themselves in the dressage both scoring 38.5 both boys jumped well altough i rolled a pole on Alfie SJ and two super duper clear XC rounds! reminding myself just how awesome my boys are xc !!




A FREEZING cold day today spent at the coldest dressage venue on the planet "Harolds Park Farm" but a successful day all the same....! I went to be super groom/support team to Tracey and DD at their second BD. Both horse and rider looked very chilled and composed performed a good test with some great bits! achieving a 4th for their efforts... WELL DONE Tracey and DD!!






An early start for Angie, Nichola, Sophie and myself today. We had a great day cross country schooling at Ely Eventing Centre. Alfie was great, Marmite was a little over excited which is to be expected both feeling ready for Isleham Sophie rode brilliantly on both Paddy and Gulietta and Angie had a major breakthrough with Matty.

Marmite showing off his jumping shoes!







James and I enjoyed a lovely sunny winters day SJ and arena XC at Finchingfield Equestrian Centre. Both Marmite and Alfie jumped beautifully and seemed very keen to be out. All of us here at Kizzy Smith Eventing are getting very excited at the prospect of the BE season starting on 2nd March at Isleham.